After backstabbing his criminal brother and making a run for it, 17-year-old Cullen stumbles upon a group of teens in the sleepy town of China Grove. When a one-night pit stop turns into a week-long stay, Cullen finds himself attached to Ruth, the not-so-girl-next-door, with secrets of her own.


Cullen soon learns that his whereabouts are not as hidden as he believes, while the charm of the group collides with the impending danger he brings with him.



Fall Nights in China Grove was written and produced by Horace Priester and Aleksandar Kapett in preparation for a 2020 release. Directed by Priester and starring Kapett, the young duo worked with the real-life town of China Grove, NC to bring the film to life, documenting the year-long journey in a 10 part web-series. From local schools to auto shops, the community contributed anything they could to help add value and authenticity to the film.


Priester and Kapett hope to share Fall Nights with a wide audience and wish to use it as a calling card for their next project, which is in hand and ready to read.